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Reusable Temporary Dust
Containment Panel System

A Team of professionals have developed a low-cost, Reusable Temporary Dust Containment Panel system that will significantly reduce construction materials and labor cost to revolutionize how construction professionals manage the Dust Containment process. The versatile panel system will provide a quick and cost effective approach to traditional "throw away" methods, and is easily installed with a 2 man team in minutes rather than hours without any electrical tools.

Introduction Video:

Dismantling Video:


Panel Installation:


Door Installation:

standard panels

23 ½” wide x 7’ tall panel body with a “top slider” which extends to 10½’ total height.

door panels

36” x 80” self closing interior door with a “Top Slider” that will extend to 10½’ total height.

vent panels

Standard Panel with an exhaust vent for the Negative Air Machine and a Manometer to monitor the negative air pressure in the room.


  • - Rental cost of the system can be 20% less than the cost of building a traditional “Stick Wall” system.
  • - Installation labor is less than 50% of that of a “Stick Wall” system.
  • - A two-man team can efficiently dismantle, move and reinstall this wall in a few hours with no material damage, compared to a full crew and an all day effort with about 60-70% material damage.
  • - 100% of the materials are reusable.

Installation is Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

There is a “Ceiling Track” that gets installed on the ceiling followed by a “Floor Angle” that is installed directly below the track. Both pieces are secured with 3” clean room tape.

Step 2

Each panel is then inserted into the top track, slid into the Floor Angle and slid to the side to join with the previously set panel.

Step 3

Once a section has been completed, 3” clean room tape is applied to all joints. A complete system can be installed in minutes versus hours.



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