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Dust Containment  System

Dust Containment System

OES Dust Containment Panel System
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A Team of professionals have developed a low-cost, Reusable Temporary Dust Containment Panel System that will significantly reduce construction materials and labor costs to revolutionize how construction professionals manage the Dust Containment process. The versatile panel system will provide a quick and cost effective approach to traditional “throw away” methods, and is easily installed with a 2 man team in minutes rather than hours without any electrical tools.

The panel is 23” x 7’ with a 4’ slider that allows the panel to reach to 10’6”. With an additional slider, the panel can reach to 13’ in height.

(2) panels together can reach 14’, add a slider and reach 17’. The panel is manufactured with fire retardant materials. When the panel joints are sealed with 3” tape it creates an air tight wall.

Product Id DCPC5
Manufacturer OES Dust Containment Panel System