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DrizAir Dehumidifier

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Dri-Eaz DrizAir LGR 2000 Dehumidifier Product Overview Compact and maneuverable, this dehumidifier is extremely powerful. High-end design features such as low grain refrigerant, a hot-gas coil bypass and internal water pump allow this unit to remove up to 172 pints of water per day. And although the LGR 2000 is more compact and portable than other larger units, it comes complete with many useful features. The smaller size and semi-pneumatic wheels make this unit extremely portable and easy to move from site-to-site or just room-to-room. Other features such as quick-release hose design and fast pump access make this unit easy to use for the busy professional.
SKU 0163
MFR Part # F203-A
Manufacturer Dri-Eaz
Product Feature: DrizAir Dehumidifier
Item Type Dehumidifier